Kathy Cabello

Chief Operations Officer

Kathy Cabello's tenure with Elite Water Systems began in October 2010, marked by her commitment and proficiency, guiding her through various roles to her current position as Chief Operations Officer in March 2021. With a substantial background in customer-centric roles and process optimization, Kathy has been instrumental in enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency within the company. In her capacity as COO, she leads business operations, fosters innovation, cultivates client relationships, and drives strategic growth initiatives. Leveraging her prior experience in the real estate sector and holding a master's degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix, Kathy brings a wealth of expertise to her leadership role. Proud of her San Antonio roots, she finds fulfillment in contributing to the emerging new home and wellness sectors. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Kathy values her role as a mother to two adult children and enjoys engaging in family activities, attending church, participating in sports, traveling, and actively involving herself in community service endeavors during her leisure time.