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Clean Air and Water should be the standard experience at home and at work.

Today there are several contaminants in our air and water that do not meet acceptable standards for our health and wellness. That's why Elite Water Systems has focused on providing advanced solutions to purify the air and water in spaces across America. Don't you think its time that everyone enjoy clean air and water at work and at home?

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Our solutions drastically reduce chemicals and harmful heavy metals.
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They eliminate 98% of airborne mold, viruses, and ultra fine particulates from every air vent.
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They can even make your indoor space smart with our connected apps.
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Wellness for Everyone.

Complete wellness solutions you can trust. 
Learn how our solutions can help you.
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Simple Solutions

We remove the ambiguity to provide medical grade air and water quality in your home.
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Intuitive Service

We make it easy with free annual water checkups, routine maintenance plans, and filter changes once a year.
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Affordable & Accessible

Our solutions are affordable and they even add value to your home over time.
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Free Expert Consultations

Need quality service from an expert? We can help you find the right solution for your home.
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Credible and Reliable

As a leading authority on home wellness solutions, we work with top experts and scientists
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Reduce Expenditures

Keep your eye on the prize with affordable solutions that make the difference for consumers.
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Comprehensive Solutions

We can ensure you retain and enhance your competitive edge with comprehensive solutions.
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Trusted by 60+ Builders

Our reputation goes beyond our experts, we forge and maintain relationships you can count on.
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Custom-built Solutions

Provide a clean and excellent experience in your place of business today.
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Routine Maintenance Plans Available

Take advantage of our maintenance plans for businesses and for a truly hassle-free experience.
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Certified by Experts

Our solutions are certified by leading scientists and experts in the industry.
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Dedicated Support for Businesses

Our team is here to help to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Endless Applications.
Life-Changing Results.

Create a positive wellness experience at home and at work.
Home Wellness

Our solutions at home make sure your loved ones are safe and your environment reduces stress


Spaces with tight airflow at sea require air filtration. Provide a pure experience of the waves.


For those with heavy foot traffic, we have you covered. Your customers and employees will feel their best in your space.

First Responders

Medical, police, or fire departments already sacrifice so much, keep staff safe with an essential filtration equipment.


As you create next-generation buildings and infrastructure, add continuous value with the best purification solutions available.

Office Environments

The average individual spends one third of their life at work, keep your workforce happy and healthy on the job.

The Impact is Clear.

Improved Health and Wellness

Water filtration helps increase the performance of appliances, provides longevity to your plumbing, and improves your health and vitality.

Demonstrated Value across the Lifecycle

With 10% year over year industry growth, wellness adds new value to homes and to businesses. Clean water and air should be the standard lifestyle choice rather than an optional add-on.

Excellent Support & Service

Our support and service are loved by suppliers, vendors, partners, builders, and consumers across the US. You can see for yourself with 4.6 stars of 5 on Google. We're dedicated to excellent service throughout the process.
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Our solutions are easily accessible and affordable because everyone deserves to live without environmental boundaries.

Average rating of 4.8/5 on Google Reviews

Smart Connectivity revolutionizing the wellness experience for all.

Optimize the wellness of your space from the palm of your hand. Stay up on the latest news, trends, alerts to make living well easy.